Reiki Creatives Consult Call

Reiki Creatives Consult Call

Helping Reiki people like you build a beautiful business!

So You Wanna Start a Reiki Business!

It would be nice if our clients just showed up and booked a Reiki session!

But we know it takes work to build a clientele of returners.

How do we get potential clients to notice us?
By creating a brand that is consistent and recognizable.

Do you have these brand elements?
A logo
Business cards
A color scheme
A typeface/font
Reiki brochures for events

What's Holding You Back?

Do you feel that you're not the "creative type?"
Are you challenged by technology (or even frightened of it?).
Feeling overwhelmed by what it takes to build a beautiful business?
Have you experienced "shiny object syndrome?"
Do you have some branding in place but it isn't consistent?

You Can Do This!

In this one hour Zoom session we'll chat about:

  • What you'd like to achieve on the call
  • Why you need a brand
  • Creating a brand through visualization 
  • How to create your brand elements 
  • How to keep your brand consistent yet flexible 
  • Creative technology needs
  • Online brand resources 
  • Your next steps 

Get Reiki Creative!

Everyone who has a successful beautiful business has a strong creative foundation.

They may have hired artists, developers or consultants to do the work for them, but they made the final decisions about their brand. Most of us though, are going it alone and don't necessarily have big budgets to hire someone to do all the work for us. 

Building a beautiful business doesn't need to be stressful. No, really!

There are some fundamental elements that create a strong foundation. Create those and you're good to go! You can then just focus on sharing Reiki with clients. But, let's get you set up for success right away by building that foundation.

Although we could hand these tasks off to someone (and in certain situations, this might be best), I think we want to put our own love and creative power into building our beautiful business and not leave it up to strangers who don't know us - about the work we do.

Creating InnerVision Wellness Transformational Coaching& Reiki as a solopreneur has been one of the most satisfying ventures I've undertaken! I'm fortunate to have been gifted with a curious nature, and continuous learning is one of my strengths. I also have a deep desire to help, to teach, and share what I've learned.

I think you'll find working with me to be fun; I'll take the stress and overwhelm out of building your beautiful business. I am compassionate, non-judgmental, and patient - the kind of teacher I'd want to have :-)

During your consult call, I'll assist you in visualizing your beautiful business, or help you further define it if you have some ideas. Together, we will identify the elements you need to consider when building your brand and how to create them. Get your branding built so you can get back to the Reiki work you love!

Get started building your beautiful business with a $99 investment.
I look forward to assisting you in becoming a Reiki Creative, too, so you can
get on with bringing more love and Reiki into the world 💗

You can still get my free 7 page workbook!
Download it and give it a look through before our Creatives Consult Call.
It will get your Reiki Creatives brain something to get started on...

Feel Like a Rebel?

Want to give it a go and try branding on your own? Great!
Let me at least give you something to work on

I created  Branding Your Beautiful Business Worksheets 
for brave folks like you! I'll help you lay the foundation of
your brand by introducing you to 3 key elements
of branding that you need to establish:

Your Business Values
Your Business Vision
Your Business Voice

I think you'll find this very helpful and you can have it for free.

Tracy Frenyea

Welcome friend! As your Life Transformation Coach and Reiki master teacher, I support you in discovering and developing your authentic self, your mighty potential, and a life of purpose, through empowerment, reflection, and connection to our higher selves. I will hold space for you as you create your life transformation. 

What is transformation? It's whatever it takes for you to create the life you desire (and deserve): learning how to create inner peace, establishing new healthy habits, exploring the meanings of letting go and surrender, expanding your mind to explore evolutionary growth, learning how to build (or rebuild) relationships... Transformation can mean deep healing, as any true life transformation means changing at our core - from the inside out. Anyone can change, but is that change transformation?

I started on my spiritual path in 2015 and I continue right along beside you, practicing what I speak about, becoming whole and seeking wisdom along the way so spirituality is interwoven in our work together. I believe each of us can create a powerful vision for our lives, incorporating mindfulness, present moment awareness, becoming truly authentic, meditative practices, and learning about changing perspective. I value honest communication, a nonjudgmental and open minded approach, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to grow through self-discovery.  

I'm excited to share my new initiative "Reiki Creatives." A source of creative and tech support, assistance and guidance for Reiki people who are ready to build a beautiful business.  If this is you and you would like help visualizing and developing your brand and getting help with technology, please visit this site: 

Transform Your Life, Today...